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LOCATION Abu Somas location is ideally situated on the eastern shores of Egypt on the Red Sea Rivieras coast just 40 minutes by bus or car from Hurghada International Airport. Only a 4 hour flight from Central Europe. The resort location boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Red Sea and panoramic views of desert mountains.

AIRPORT Airport, Charter and Scheduled Airlines. Abu Soma is only a four-hour flight from Central Europe. Both charter and scheduled airlines fly regularly from many European destinations directly to Hurghada International Airport. Scheduled Airlines like EgyptAir has a number of regular flights to Hurghada International Airport from various European points of origin. EgyptAir also offers several flights per day between Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada, for those preferring to fly through Cairo. EgyptAir flies from many other cities directly to Cairo including London, Moscow and New York.

COMMUNICATION The entire resort is connected to the outside world by its own dedicated fiber-optic cable, and a central satellite network to provide both comprehensive TV coverage and fast Internet access. Mobile services are offered by the 3 main mobile providers/operators offering a range of roaming bundles in Egypt, including Orange, Vodafone Egypt and Etisalat Egypt. Country code: +20, Mobile services codes: · Vodafone: 010 · Etisalat: 011 · Orange: 012 All 3 cellular service operators/providers cover various voice and data exchange services, as well as 3G, 4G, ADSL, broadband Internet and flatrate services.

BANKING Banking Services at Abu Soma, travellers and visitors have the option to choose between a number of ATMs and banks situated in the Hotels or Safagas and Hurghadas city for their convenience. The choice of ATM and banks was intended to provide you with services that suit multiple financial needs like Private or business accounts, payment processing, money transfers, currency exchange, credit services and ATM machines is available at one or more of the available banks. Available Banks; Arab African International Bank National Bank of Egypt Commercial International Bank

ELECTRICITY Before travelling you need to know not only the type of electric plug and socket in your destination but also the voltage of the electric power, the frequency (Hertz) and any special requirements like fuses or earth connections that may interfere with the use of your equipment. Please remember that simple adapters do not convert voltage or frequency, and incorrect use may not only keep you from using your equipment but also damage it or even cause personal injuries. Using a plug adapter just changes the shape of the prongs. Countries with different voltages and frequencies may use similar plugs, so check to need if you need a power converter and not simply a plug adapter. Read the fine print in your power-source, many devices will accept both 110v and 220v, requiring only a plug adapter.

TRAVEL VISA How to Get a Tourist Visa for Egypt?
1) Apply for a passport if you do not have one already. You may need it in order to apply for an Egyptian tourist visa.
2) Upon arrival at an Egyptian airport, you will need to apply for a visa with your personal information, you will need to pay visa fees or the equivalent amount in Egyptian pounds. Your tourist visa is valid for 30 days. * This step is required if you are a citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, the Ukraine, a country that is part of the Russian Federation, or a country that is a member of the European Union.
3) Apply for a tourist visa from an Egyptian Consulate if your country is not listed above.
4) Apply for clearance in addition to a visa at the Egyptian Consulate. This can take up to 6 weeks and must be completed before the visa can be processed. Submit 2 copies of your visa application, 2 copies of your travel documents, 2 copies of your passport and 2 passport photos. *Required for some countries only.

WEATHER Abu Soma hosts year-round sunshine, temperate weather, and mild winters and summers. Daytime temperatures average in the mid to low 20º C in winter and the low 30º C in summer. Why is Abu Somas climate so ideal? Abu Soma is blessed with dry desert winds which keep humidity levels low and maintain maximum mean temperatures. As a result, Abu Soma is comfortable year-round, even in summer with less heat and humidity than other resort destinations such as the Mediterranean Coast or Sinai.