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Surfmotion and Kitemotion Peter MüllerSurfmotion and Kitemotion Peter Müller The VDWS and IKO licensed windsurf and kitesurf center Surfmotion and Kitemotion in Abu Soma with direct access to the Spot and beach of the Hotel SENDITO Palm Royale offers equipment and surfing courses from professional, IKO and VDWS-licensed teachers in Egypt.

Station License: IKO, VDWS Station.

Location - Contact Address The Surfmotion and Kitemotion Center in Egypt is located direct on the beach of the Hotel SENTIDO Palm Royale with Spot in Abu Soma, Red Sea, next to the shore. About 45 Kilometers south of Hurghada International Airport, Transfers from other Hotels around can be arranged.
Address: Hurghada-Safaga Road 10Km Abu Soma, Red Sea, Egypt.

Surf Center - Station - Facilitys The Surfmotion Windsurf and Kitesurf Center at SENTIDO Palm Royale Hotel offers custom 365 days Surfing in a friendly and warm environment, with professionalism, safety, IKO (International kiteboarding organization) and VDWS (Verband deutscher Wassersportschulen e.V.) standards in a natural spot and the beach, one of the most beautiful of the Red Sea, offers the best conditions for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. The Surfmotion and Kitemotion Center is a VDWS Center and provides you hereby one of the modern surf centers in the Red Sea in the beautiful caost of Abu Soma. With the multilingual teachers, is the Surf center always available to arrange for you best Windsurf and Kitesurf holidays in Abu Soma, Egypt. The education and training with VDWS is of the highest quality standard, the training programs and courses are accredited by the worlds largest Surfing associations VDWS and IKO, the world's leading kiteboarding organization. The fantastic spots of Abu Soma and the Surfmotion offer you a perfect Surfing experience. Spend your windsurfing and kiteboarding holidays with the complete range of VDWS and IKO courses, daily surfing programs, kitesurfing, kite boat trips and other water activities in Egypt. The center is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 clock. To can fulfill your needs the Surf Center consists amenities and facilities include of a modern office, storage compartments for your equipment, changing rooms, workshop, showers, a Bar with its nice panorama terrace, shade areas, umbrellas and sun beds. Palm Royale Hotel's facilities and the entire infrastructure can be used. Windsurfing and Kiting courses are taught by qualified teachers. As a VDWS and IKO Surf and Kite Center, Surfmotion at SENTIDO Hotel offers a wide variety of windsurfing and Kitesurf activities such as boat, all-day Kite boat excursions to spots, specialty courses and more. With the service of the competently and multilingual team of the surf center, surfing is becoming a interesting activity for both beginner, amateur and professional surfers. Book and combine your surfing holidays in Egypt with a Hotel in Abu Soma.

Languages are English, Italian, Arabic, French and German. The teaching materials are available in all major languages.

Accommodation SENTIDO Palm Royale Hotel.

Dinning - Bar The Center invite you relax after Surfing with drinks and snacks at the Bar, quiet places where you can Chill out.

Leisure - Activities and Sports The surf center also offers several other water sports activities such as water sports and stand-up padle. You can use the entire SENTIDO Palm Royale hotel facilities daily from 09:00 to 22:00 clock.

Spots Sites The Spots in the area of Abu Soma are not overdrawn and not so widely known, and have a great variety of spots and fantastic colors. From Abu Soma you can Surf to many spots.

Wind In the morning Side-Off-Shore from the left and in the Afternoon Side-Shore from the left. In the covering of the spit a little gusty because of the hotel buildings, after this stabil.

Courses - Programs Wide variety of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing options and services for beginners and advanced surfers, Surfmotion Windsurf and Kite Center at Riviera Plaza Resort Hotel offers the complete line of IKO and VDWS courses and lessons with IKO and VDWS-licensed teachers in Abu Soma including various Specialty Courses, from Beginner to Experts. The Surf center offers Surfers the option to upgrade skills by choosing specialties such as levels.

Equipment Complete equipment for windsurfing and Kitesurfing, or only individual parts can be rented by Surfmotion. The IKO and VDWS-Center has the newest equipment from Neilpryde, JP, Fanatic and Spleene. The center offers Surfers only new and high quality Surfequipment, which according to the safety standards regularly maintain the Surfing equipment. For the windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons and rental to experienced riders or windsurfers the center offer kite equipment from Cabrinha and Core and windsurfequipment from Neilpryde and Fanatic. Harness and wetsuits can you borrow for a small fee or you bring your own material and storage this at the station. The Service includes the storage of your material, a spot information, all the services and security at the Center. Your security is very important for all guests, helmet, impact vest and booties available for loan.

Boats - Boat Kitting The daily half day and full day Kite boats of Surfmotion are very comfortable and well equipped and the submarines have zodiac/speed boat for daily use for short and half day trips. Daily boat for all-day and long-distance cruises, sundeck, salon, toilets and open boat deck. Surmotion´s offer you the following boat Kite-Surfing trips alike Full day kiting trips, Half day kiting tours and Early morning surfing trips.

Spot - House Spot Surfing - Beach direct access to the beach of the Hotel Palm Royale and Spot, sunbeds, beach for refreshment, a chill-out area, SUP-Sessions, hot shower and much more.

Kid`s VDWS and IKO Children courses, the Childeren lessons is a safe and fun way to introduce young children to a new passion. Surfing for ages 8 and up, to playfully surf, explore and learn. Juniors Surfing, this course teaches young Surfers all the skills necessary for safe and fun Surfing.

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